Session 11 : Opinion & Preference – Learn Bahasa Indonesia

Express your preference : the basic vocabulary

  • Lebih : more
  • Kurang : less
  • Paling : most
  • Daripada : than


  • Aku lebih suka pisang daripada markisa [I more like banana than passion fruit] : I prefer banana to passion fruit
  • Dia kurang suka pake mobil, sukanya pake motor [He less like use car, like his use motorbike] : He like less to use a motorbike, he prefers to use a car
    • Dia kurang suka pake mobil daripada pake motor is grammatically correct but doesn’t sound idiomatic
  • Makanan yang paling aku suka itu iga bakar sereh [Food which most I like that rib grilled lemongrass] : My favorite food is grilled ribs with lemongrass
    • Paling besar is the same as terbesar (structure we saw in last session) but you can also use paling with verbs.
  • Pantai yang pasirnya paling putih yang saya pernah temui [Beach which sand most white which I yet meet] : The beach with the whitest sand I have ever seen

Give your opinion

  • Pikir : think
  • Percaya : believe / trust
  • (inf.) Kayaknya : apparently (litteral translation but very often used as an equivalent of I think)


  • (inf.) Kupikir lebih bagus kalau berangkat pagi pagi [I think more good if leave morning morning] : I think it’s better to leave early in the morning
  • Dia pikir cara kerja itu bisa diperbaiki [He think way work that can be improved] : He thinks that the way {we} work could be improved
  • (inf.) Kayaknya mau ikut [I think will join] : I think that I’m going to join
  • Kamu percaya aku [You trust me] : You trust me
  • Aku percaya dia bohong kepada aku [I believe he lie to I] : I believe he lied to me 

Ask about someone else opinion

If you put tidak or ga (in Java) at the end of a sentence, then it translates by or not :

  • Mau ikut ga ? [Want join no ?] : Do you want to join or not ?

For intermediary speakers

Setuju : Agree

Tidak setuju : Disagree

Ternyata : Turns out

Yakin / Pasti / (form.) Tentu : Sure

Mending : better (this than that), you cannot use it with an adjective

  • Saya tidak setuju dengan kamu, idenya bahaya [I no agree with you, idea the dangerous] : I disagree with you, this idea is dangerous
  • Pasti dia datang [Sure he come] : Of course he’s coming
  • Dia yakin lihat orang itu kemarin [He sure see people that yesterday] : He is sure that he saw that guy yesterday
  • Ternyata kapalnya lagi mogok [Turns out ship-the again break down] : Turns out the ship is out of order
  • Mending nikah mudah biar ga dosa [Better marry young let not sin] : Better marry at a young age to avoid committing a sin (very common comment made by parents).
  • Aku berubah pikiran, besok ga jadi [I change mind, tomorrow no become] : I changed my mind, cancel our plans for tomorrow


(inf.) Kira : Thought, but you can only use it if what you had in mind did not happen

  • Aku kira besok mau ke bioskop [I think tomorrow will to cinema] : I thought I would go to the movie tomorrow {but it has been cancelled}

Seen in a local newspaper, [Sleepy heavy at Tempat Pemungutan Suara (Place Collection Voice), member “civil group” this downs ink which thought coffee] : Very sleepy at the polling station, this election volunteer downs a glass of ink thinking it was cofee

Use kira Bahasa

Expression that you might find in newspapers (formal Indonesian) :

  • Menurut : According to
  • Pendapatku : In my opinion
  • Berdasarkan : Based on

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