Useful Links – News

Local media

In English

  • The Jakarta Post : the leading English newspaper in Indonesia. Good coverage of news (but usually with a 1-3 days delay compared to newspapers in Indonesian). The point of view of the authors can be quite liberal for Indonesian standards and may not represent the majority opinion in the country. Still a great start.
  • Tempo English : provides short and very factual coverage of Indonesian news. Good if you are looking for a neutral point of view, otherwise the Jakarta Post is more interesting (more in-depth articles).
  • The Jakarta Globe : similar to the The Jakarta Post with a more pronounced liberal bias and a slightly less comprehensive coverage. The articles by Surabaya-based Johannes Nugroho are nonetheless interesting and as well as their irregular format Insight.

In Indonesian

  • Kompas : in my opinion the best daily newspaper. I buy the paper edition from times to times. Also available as a TV channel.
  • Detik : probably the most popular online news website. The coverage of breaking news is very reactive which sometimes leads to some mistakes.
  • CNN Indonesia : the Indonesian edition is quite good. Also available as a TV channel.
  • BBC Indonesia : topics are usually adressed with plenty of details. Well-worth reading.
  • Tempo : national leading weekly news magazine. 2 differents editions exist, one in Indonesian and one in English.

Foreign media

  • Mongabay (Indonesian version offers many exclusive and interesting content) : a great website dealing primarily about environmental issues. Many reports about local issues in remote communities. Their investigation serie ‘Indonesia for Sale’ is truly outstanding journalist work.
  • New Mandala : an online media focusing on South-East Asian issues. Regular interesting articles about Indonesia.
  • The Conversation (Indonesian version offers many exclusive and interesting content) : many articles by scholars on various topics. Can be quite interesting.
  • Indonesia at Melbourne : many articles from scholars from the University of Melbourne.
  • The Diplomat : an online media which publishes some articles about Indonesia. The authors changes a lot and the quality as well, but they always issue a few interesting articles per month. Annoying 5 free articles per month limitation.
  • Inside Indonesia : an online magazine written mostly by scholars.
  • Lowy Insitute : an Australian think tank providing regular insights about Indonesia-related issues.
  • East Asia Forum : an online media edited by Australian academics focusing on the east Asia and Pacific region. Some articles can be interesting.
  • South China Morning Post : the leading Hong-Kong newspaper has good local correspondents and can issue quite good articles about Indonesia.