Useful Links – Travel & Culture

Travel ressources


  • Gunung Bagging : a treasure trove for those keen on hiking volcanoes
  • Gunung-Indonesia (in Indonesian) : up to date information about open and closed trails for volcano climbing.
  • Tripcanvas Indonesia : a generalist lifestyle website that posts good to-do lists of places to visit especially in Java, Bali and Lombok
  • Wikitravel : a collaborative Wiki about traveling. Really useful to find cheap accommodation and transport
  • Lonely Planet forums : an old-school forum with some very knowledgable active members.
  • Jakarta100bars : most comprehensive source about nightlife.
  • US army’s maps of Indonesia.


  • Pelni : public inter-province ferry transportation, with prices and reliable schedules
  • ASDP : public within-province ferry transportation, with prices and unreliable schedule
    • The article about boat travel in Indonesia will probably be a useful complement
  • : a private website acting a 3rd party re-seller for plane and train tickets. Efficient and good customer service. Traveloka is one of the reliable alternatives.


  • Nias Heritage Museum : excellent website about Nias cultural sites
  • Visit Nias Island : a great complement to the museum website.
  • Wild Sumatra : a local eco-tourism agency based in Sungai Penuh, offering trips to Jambi and Bengkulu provinces. Run by passionated Luke Mackin. Tons of information and pictures, great both for those looking for a tour guide as well as independent traveler.
  • : plenty of information about traditional Mentawai culture

Bali and Nusa Tenggara


  • Bombastic Borneo : edited by a Malaysian Dayak. Tons of informations especially about Dayak festival all over Borneo.

Papua and Maluku

  • East-Indonesia : a very comprehensive website about Maluku and Papua by Laszlo Wagner.
  • Stay Raja Ampat : really comprehensive website about local accommodation in Raja Ampat

Indonesian culture

Cultural ressources

  • Pusaka collection : an incredible online museum of traditional woven textiles of Indonesia
  • Art of the Ancestors : a very interesting kind of online museum about Indonesian tribal arts, curated from various museums.
  • : a fantastic online version of a book about the languages of the world. Fascinating language maps of Indonesia.
  • Aural archipelago : a great project making field recordings of traditional music available online
  • Timescape Indonesia Youtube channel : many short films shot in Indonesia before WWII.
  • Lontar foundation : a Jakarta-based foundation promoting the Indonesian culture, in particular by translating Indonesian litterature into English.
  • Tantomo : an Indonesian blog archiving Benny u0026amp; Mice cartoons

Bahasa Indonesia

Diving ressources

The Indonesian environment

  • Personnal website of Oystein Lund Andersen : many pictures of Indonesian volcanoes through the years
  • Realtime monitoring tool of corral bleaching risk by ESRI.
  • Global Forest Watch : a realtime monitoring tool of deforestation by the World Ressource Institute.