Regional cultures


Minangkabau Culture : Society

Notes on the matrilineal nature of the Minang society and its evolution to the present days.

Javanese Religion

Javanese Culture – Religion

An introduction to the religious practices of the Javanese : between orthodoxy and syncretism

Indonesian Wedding

Traditional Indonesian Costumes

Indonesia is a wonderful collection of ethnic groups and languages. All of them are proud to preserve their cultural legacy, and among them traditional costumes. Such attires are not worn on a daily basis but they have become an essential features of wedding ceremonies. Traditional costumes of Sumatra Aceh View this post on Instagram A …

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Aluk To Dolo

Toraja Culture : Aluk To Dolo

Part 2 : the indigenous religion of Toraja, its original rituals including those that have now disappeared.

Thumb Toraja People

Toraja Culture : People and History

Part 1 : history, social organization and the traditional conception of the world (origin myth and pantheon)