Climbing Gunung Egon

Gunung Egon is an active volcano located about an hour far from Maumere. It is 1,708m high (but it’s recommended to stop at the rim). The volcano last erupted in 2008 so it’s adamant that you check with the locals if it’s safe or not to climb.

Gunung Egon
Gunung Egon


The path is clearly marked with small cairns up to the rim. As long as you pay attention to it, there is no reason to get lost.

Gunung Egon
Cairns clearly mark up the path up to the rim

I nonetheless managed to do so because like a dumbass I decided it was ‘clever’ to take a shortcut through the forest. After 1 hour struggling and given I was unable to find back the path, I decided it was safer to get back to the summit from which it would be easy to find back the path. Took me additional 2 hours to do so.

As a general rule, if you don’t encounter cairns every 5 minutes, you’re likely to go the wrong way. Go back.

If you don’t feel confident about this, it’s possible to find a guide. Just ask around.


You have to go first to Blidit village (about 1 hour drive from Maumere). Pass the village and follow the road for about 10 minutes.

From there is really straightfoward, just follow the well worn path. You will go first through an open-woodland area, then into a forest.

I took me about 1h15 to reach the sismic station.

From there, it’s another 30 minutes to reach the rim. Make sure you stay on the path because there is a real risk of falling if you get off it.

Staying on the rim is pretty impressive. Smoke is coming out of the volcano and you can hear the underground rumble.

As you can see on the pictures, I wasn’t really lucky for the weather on the summit.

Descending should take you also less than 2 hours. Overall you gonna need 2 hours from and back to Maumere, 2 hours up, 30 minutes on the top and 2 hours down. So it shall keep you busy for a day.

Packing up a lunch is a pretty good idea. Bring plenty of water too.

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